I am thinking about starting a group in my local area to offer crafts and instruction on how to complete some of the most popular crafts that are being tackled today. Is there a website that lists some of the top crafting trends that I can study up on? I do know about a lot of the top crochet projects that people are doing and I am used to seeing social media videos that offer how-to projects for the holidays.

It is not certain yet whether or not I will be looking to do crafts with mostly adults, just kids or even a mixture of both. I do realize that crafting is something that is fun for all ages to do, especially when it is focused on Halloween, Christmas, Easter and even birthdays and graduations.

I would like to learn as much as I possibly can so that I can make the most of this venture for our community. I already have a great location that hosts gatherings such as this, I would just like to get some insight as to what I could focus on for the most popular crafts and all of the latest materials that are available today.