When it comes to making nice improvements to the home crafting is a life-saver. For seasonally or every day uplifting sentiments and useful novelties, I love making delightful pieces for my own home

More than that, I love to share my latest and greatest (and favorite) crafts with people I love. Though, I do not want to bog them down in life with crafts they may not want.

Instead, what I do is check out the most popular crafts, and have a little get together. We might make different seasonal wreaths quarterly one year to welcome in Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter.

Another year we may take a look at what is new in accent pillows, and give them our own touches. This year, I have a big fascination with Halloween, and want to make our pumpkins beautiful without ending up with knives or pumpkin guts all over the place. I tried out appliques, ribbon, felt, and even hats. Yes, hats.

My friends and I had a great time making our pumpkins come to life. My friend that writes for Cocoon Insulation won our internal prize for the best pumpkin – a snowman with a scarf. I don’t know how he did it, but it was amazing. The contest was super fun – it has given us all a new set of skills, while opening up our creativity, and making our homes absolutely ghoulish!