Bracelets have always held a special place in my girls’ hearts. Come to think of it, I think we were pretty keen on making our own friendship bracelets back in the day. Of course, the materials and styles change, but friendship bracelets always seem to be among the most popular crafts for girls.

As far as today’s top crafts go, there’s always room for ingenuity within the home too. Washee tape still takes top spot as a material that helps crafters make everything appear more symmetrical while giving it depth and interest. Even pumpkins are getting a bow and a tape of washee style.

Personally, I prefer more natural looks, such as a wreath with flowers. I opt for real-looking fake ferns and place flowers over them. These are a great set of a letter, such as M for our last name.

That’s the gist of making great-looking and easy-to-execute crafts. Some showcase greater creativity but are made for people who embody great artistic talent, skill, and a capability for complexity and patience.

Ingenuity is a great part of it. People who are able to take scraps from their beauty cases to make a ring holder are among them.